Tom Brady Could Be Entering Final Season With the Patriots

Tom Brady Could Be Entering Final Season With the Patriots


Tom Brady will be a free agent following this season for the first time in his NFL career.

After all the buzz about Tom Brady’s contract extension turned to confusion and eventually apprehension, the 42-year-old will have his first brush with free agency in the offseason should the team and quarterback not agree on a new deal.

By using void years on Brady’s extension, the Patriots were able to get some extra salary cap relief as well as give their quarterback a well-deserved raise. But it all means nothing if the two sides can’t get another agreement done.

Brady has spoken out about his appreciation and admiration for the organization to quelle the drama. But after putting his Brookline mansion on the market for a reported $40 million, it appears his days in New England are actually numbered.

On ESPN’s First Take this morning, the point was raised about whether Brady will continue to play for the Patriots after this season or, like other stars before him, he will jump ship for the final years of his career.

The video, which does not feature Max Kellerman, brings up a few interesting points.

The future of the Patriots’ quarterback, currently focused on becoming the first 42-year-old to play a full NFL season, is certainly up in the air.


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