7 Best Wallet Trackers: Your Easy Buying Guide (2019)

7 Best Wallet Trackers: Your Easy Buying Guide (2019)

At just 2.4mm thick, the Tile Slim is Tile’s thinnest tracking device, making it a natural fit for use as a wallet tracker. The Tile Slim is an affordable alternative to the Cube Shadow that comes with many of the same features, including last-known location tracking, community finding, and the ability to ring your phone by pressing a button on the Tile. The Slim makes some sacrifices in terms of ringer volume and Bluetooth range, but it is made by the most reputable manufacturer in the business and it’s available at a very competitive price. 

The best thing about the Tile Slim is its portability. The Slim is about as thick as two credit cards and weighs only 9.3 grams, making it one of the lightest trackers on this list. You’ll have no problems tucking the Slim into most wallets, purses, or handbags. Its thinness also makes it a good option for attaching to electronic devices like smartphones, TV remotes, or tablets. 

Like all Tile products, the Tile Slim works in conjunction with the Tile smartphone app. The app is well designed and easy to use. Activating the Tile Slim’s ringer is as simple as pressing a button on the app, and the app’s additional features are similarly straightforward. A big selling point of the Tile Slim is that it is the thinnest tracker available that will give you access to the Tile app software. 

The Tile Slim has a few noteworthy downsides, especially compared to the Cube Shadow listed above. The most significant issues are the rather short 100ft range and the low ringer volume. Many reviewers have reported issues with hearing the Slim, even when they are in the same room as the device. Placing the Slim in a wallet exacerbates this issue because the wallet muffles the ringing.

Other users have reported that the button on the Slim that allows you to ring your phone is too easy to press, especially if you are someone who keeps your wallet in your back pocket. The button is located dead-center in the middle of the Tile, and you might find yourself accidentally pushing the button every time you sit down.

A final shortcoming is that the Slim does not have a replaceable battery. This is in contrast to the Cube Shadow, which has a rechargeable battery, and the Tile Pro and Tile Mate (below), both of which have replaceable batteries. The Slim’s battery is advertised to last for about 12 months, after which you will need to buy a completely new Slim. 

Considering these shortcomings, the Tile Slim is best reserved for Tile loyalists who want the thinnest tracker available. If you’re willing to try a product made by a manufacturer other than Tile, the Cube Shadow listed above is a superior option in most respects. If you’re willing to get a tracker that is a little thicker, then take a look at the Tile Pro and Tile Mate listed below. 

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