Tom Brady Press Conference on Antonio Brown [WATCH]

Tom Brady Press Conference on Antonio Brown [WATCH]

Tom Brady is not going to comment on the Antonio Brown situation.

As Brady and the New England Patriots prepare for their first game with Brown on the team, the six-time Super Bowl winner was asked to address the current ongoing situation with Brown — which involves allegations of sexual assault from his former trainer.

Needless to say, Brady got a little smarky with the reporter and responded, “things that don’t involve me, don’t involve me.”

The NFL world was rocked on Tuesday night when the details of the allegations involving Brown surfaced.

According to the allegations, Brown sexually forced himself onto the 28-year-old Britney Taylor twice in June 2017 and again in May 2018. Taylor is a former collegiate gymnast that met Brown while the two attended Central Michigan. Brown later hired her as a trainer.

As my colleague Keith Mann detailed, Taylor is suing for damages and wants compensation.

“Taylor is suing for damages and wants compensation for “all non-monetary and compensatory harm, including, but not limited to, compensation for her physical injuries, pain and suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, stress and anxiety, loss of self- esteem and self-confidence, and emotional pain and suffering.” She accuses Brown of sexual battery (rape), battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and invasion of privacy.”

Patriots Could Void Antonio Brown’s Contract

Almost immediately after the allegations were reported, the Patriots responded with a statement stressing that they do not condone sexual violence or assault.

“We are aware of the civil lawsuit that was filed earlier today against Antonio Brown, as well as the response by Antonio’s representatives. We take these allegations very seriously. Under no circumstance does this organization condone sexual violence or assault. The league has informed us that they will be investigating. We will have no further comment while that investigation takes place.”

It’s worth mentioning that Brown’s contract could be voided by the Patriots. His contract with New England states the following:

“Takes any action that materially undermines the public’s respect for, or is materially critical of, the Club, the Player’s teammates or the Club’s ownership, coaches,” etc., guarantees will “null and void.”

Tom Brady Also Refuses to Answer Other Questions

On a lighter note, Brady was asked a number of different topics — including whether or not Antonio Brown had taken Brady up on his offer to move in with him.

In typical Patriots fashion, Brady refused to answer that question also.

Earlier in the week, Brady refused to elaborate on whether or not he had extended the invitation to his newest receiver.

“You know, I have asked a lot of guys over the years to stay at my house,” Brady said to Westwood One Sports. “Some have taken me up on it and others haven’t. I just want this transition for him to be really smooth. It’s been a lot of travel to go from the West Coast to the East Coast. And again, learning the playbook. I just want him to be comfortable. Whatever’s up to him, I’m totally cool with.”

According to a source from PEOPLE, Brady didn’t singularly invite Brown — it’s more of a team thing, rather than an individual thing.

Reps for Brady declined to comment further, but a source tells PEOPLE that the invite would have been “all about the team.”

“Everything is framed by the team and winning and that’s how they operate,” the source explains, further noting that Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen used to “have a welcome to Boston BBQ at the beginning of the season” for new Patriots.

It’s clear that the Patriots — as Bill Belichick did earlier on Wednesday — are refusing to comment on this matter.

Their attention is focused on the Miami Dolphins for Week 2 and they’ll allow the legal process to work itself out relating to Brown’s sexual assault allegations.

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